Important Info

Important Info
  • We can create furniture in a variety of colours.
  • If you don’t see what you need just ask.
  • We are happy to custom make pieces should there be something specific that you need.
  • Furniture can not be collected. We will be happy to delivery and pick up anywhere. Our drivers take extra precaution and care to ensure the line is always in perfect condition and clean for your event.
  • Our delivery team places furniture and cleans it on site as per your specifications.
  • As some of the pieces are large, it is imperative that we have appropriate access to the site.
  • Parking or a loading bay must be provided in order for us to delivery the furniture, if not additional charges may apply.
  • We must be notified of lift sizes to ensure the furniture will fit. If there is no lift, we must be notified of stairs and the size of entrance ways in order to ensure we can deliver.
  • Greathireusa Ltd is a supplier to the EVENTS industry. We offer you industry rates.
  • Prices are available upon request
  • If you find cheaper prices on identical products, just send us your quote and we will match or better the price.
  • Should you require assistance with floor plans and furniture placement, just ask. We are happy to accompany you on site visits.
  • All quotations are valid for 14 days.
  • All checks should be made payable to Greathireusa Ltd.
We cannot guarantee any order without a signed contract. Furniture hire is the ultimate recycling business, our products are used over and over and over… When we no longer have a use for them we send them to The Furniture Recycling Network which is an umbrella organisation for over 300 furniture and appliance re-use organisations across the USA. When fabric is no longer ok for us, we use if for cleaning or wrapping or we donate it to the Salvation Army where it is sold and re-used for factory wiping materials. Our Plexiglass is taken away and recycled, actually turned into brand new Plexiglass. In the office, we recycle all paper and other stationary items. We don’t print a brochure we only use the internet and email photos. Our printer cartridges are refilled and recycled. Our cleaning products are all eco friendly. Our uniforms are recycled. We try to buy all eco friendly products on every level. We provide regularly maintenance on all our vehicles to assure they are operating at the highest level of fuel efficient which guarantees that emissions are the lowest possible. We want to make a difference.